Specialist Heat Treatment Company To Prepare Your Steel


Earth wind and fire are three of the five elements of ancient Japanese philosophy the other two being water and void. All have great relevance to the subject of metals. It is almost impossible not to be a believer in a greater being which for convenience we call God when you consider all of those five gifts to us here on earth.

Without fire we would have no warmth, we would have never have discovered metals and what they could do for us. Without earth we could never have grown plants to feed us and we could never have animals to graze to provide us meat. Without water we could not live beyond thirty days and fish would not populate the oceans. Without the void and without the wind there would be no space for any form of life.

Believe in God or not the fact is we as humans are given the gift of yearning to discover and know our purpose here on earth. 

Metals are part of the crust of this world and the extraction is sometimes a complicated procedure which nearly always involves the element of fire. Rare earth metals are not as they seem. Rare earth means there are plenty of them but they are spread out over a huge area. A seam of coal is followed by miners simple because the rock is black and obviously coal. Most metals are extracted from ore which has no particular colour and tons have to be ground up to produce just pounds of the finished product. Every car today has around 4 to 12 grams of PGM metals in the catalytic converter. To obtain 4 grams of this precious metal means blowing up 10 cubic meters of rock. For this reason recycling has become an enormous and profitable business. Metal properties can further be changed simply by heat treatment and a heat treatment company may be just what you need to change the properties of your steel stock. 

Companies specialise in heat treatment and these heat treatment companies understand the remarkable changes these metals go through when fire and water are applied.  

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