Heat Treatment Company Changes The Properties Of Your Stock


All metals are born out of fire. Without fire the impurities in the ore would not be removed and the metal could not be born. 

The most surprising fact about this is that most metals require temperatures of around 800 to 1500 degree centigrade for the molten metal to appear in its purest form. What is more surprising than this fact is that the alloy we know as bronze made from  copper and tin was discovered and produced 11,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. This supposes that the people of this time were able to produce fires contained within a crucible capable of temperatures of over 1,000 degrees. 

In order to achieve temperatures as high as this it is necessary to increase the amount of oxygen which exists in normal atmospheric conditions. This is where the element of wind comes in. We all know about the effect of blowing on cinders to keep a fire going helps the flames go but it must have taken an astute person thousands of years ago to put two and two together and design an oven which sucked in the air enough to raise the temperature high enough to melt metals at 1,000 degrees centigrade.

Heat treatment is what metal is all about, a good heat treatment company can advise and help you understand the properties that can be applied to your metals in changing their values to suit your needs.

With heat treatment it is possible to harden and even soften metals. By molecular realignment through heat changes it is possible through a comparatively simple process to change the molecular structure of most base metals and alloys. 

Earth, wind and fire; the most intriguing of all the world’s elements, along with void and water nothing else is really of any importance,
Man pursues material things but in the process loses his soul. A pebble on the ground has been worn by a million years of weathering and the person whose foot it lies at will only live seventy years.

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